Symposium Palutha 2017


People go through untold struggles to attain a college degree. Some people spend hefty amounts of money while others walk away with huge debts just to graduate. The myth that has been perpetuated over time is that having a college education will result in a better job and high salary. If you need help, you can visit this site

The facts, however, indicate that the reality is anything but. There is, therefore, need to interrogate the role and benefits of college education.

The cost

College degrees are expensive. More than 50% of students graduate with a $30 000 debt. College costs are rising at the rate of 7% per year. Many people cannot financially justify the money they spent in college. Fact: The return on investment to acquire the college degree is not comparable to the burden of debt on the student.

The artificial environment

In college, we have hundreds of students being taught by the same teacher, one who has probably never worked in the industry in question. As a result, many people will observe that yes, they did learn a few things in college, but they have applied very little of what they learned to their careers. Furthermore, the system is exam oriented. Students merely regurgitate the information they have memorized during the exams. The academic setting leads to students succeeding in an artificial environment. The situation in the actual workplace is different. Colleges are theoretical, and sometimes they are removed from reality. Millions of people with college degrees are engaged in employment where they do not require the level of skills associated with a degree. Fact: Having a certificate is different from possessing the skills needed to perform the job. College is not synonymous with education.


There is an obsession with credentialism.With so much emphasis being laid on certificates, many students focus on the grades and not the actual learning. Consequently, the only thing that they take away is a piece of paper that does not make them any more qualified for a particular job than the person without the paper. Where is the guarantee. The motivation for attending college for most people is to find their dream job and earn big salaries. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. I will go one further and indicate that education does not even give you the skills you need to succeed in the workplace. Skills such as proper decision making and leadership skills are cultivated through experience. Fact: College degree might not even be your ticket to success after all.

Many people are going to college, but not all benefit, indeed, some end up being hurt by the college when they walk away with mega debts that define the rest of their lives. The irony is that all the shortcomings of college education notwithstanding, many employers will not give a second look at a resume that does not include a college degree. Also, some of the professions demand advanced degrees So, after all, is said and done, the question begs, what are the alternatives to a college education? College education comes at a great cost and this has left some people wondering about the necessity of a college certificate. This article interrogates the benefits of having a college education and whether the investment is worth it.