Symposium Palutha 2017

5 Ways To Find Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job is a lifetime achievement. This is why many people spend endless hours browsing job websites and sending resumes to potential employers. For you to find your dream job, you need to implement an effective job search plan, which will maximize employer interest. The following five tips can help you get started.

  1. Revamp Your Curriculum Vitae
  2. Your résumé is probably the first thing that a potential employer looks at when you send a job application. This means that it must be as attractive as possible so that your prospective employer gets impressed. In this regard, you must makes it easy to read, devoid of grammatical mistakes, and well structured. Including any career and personal achievements can also lift your chances of getting the job.

  3. Assess Your Strengths
  4. Before embarking on a job search, it is advisable to carry out an evaluation of your personal values. This helps you establish how you like working besides mapping out your skills and interests. This evaluation can help you choose companies that match your career expectations, interests, skills, and professional values.

  5. Highlighting Jobs That Suit You
  6. Once you establish what exactly you are looking for, you should come up with a detailed list of jobs that meet your benchmarks. This will enable you to track your job search and any other relevant information pertaining to your job applications. Besides this, you are advised to activate and widen your referral network since some jobs aren’t usually advertised. Having an extensive professional and personal network will help you know about the existence of such job opportunities.

  7. Disregard the Lack of experience
  8. You can still land your dream job even if you are inexperienced. You must show your prospective employer that you have the ability to learn on the job. When developing your CV and cover letter, you should highlight your current skills and how they will help you undertake the responsibilities that come with the job that you are applying for. This is likely to impress your prospective employer and he/she may even disregard your relative inexperience.

  9. Set Realistic Goals
  10. When looking for your dream job, you must keep in mind that there isn’t a perfect work situation. Ever job comes with its fair share of challenges. That dream job is not devoid of challenges. This will help you find and settle in your dream job.